Increase learner engagement & magnify your impact

Classwise enables educators to create engaging, interactive formative assignments for their students in minutes leveraging the power of safe, responsible AI. Classwise's AI learning guide Wise can engage students in interactive dialog and exercises, provide real-time feedback and explanations, and identify knowledge gaps for instructors to intervene early.
Meet Wise  
Wise, the AI-powered learning guide, supports students in their learning journey by:
  • Auto-generating interactive assignments, saving significant time for instructors
  • Engaging students in active learning through conversational dialog and interactive exercises
  • Providing real-time feedback and explanations to students as they complete the assignments
  • Identifying and flagging knowledge gaps for instructors to intervene early
Classwise platform
Responsible, safe AI usage
Unlike ChatGPT and other general-purpose AI chatbots: .

Students complete assignments through Classwise or in your LMS

Educators can embed Classwise assignments into their existing LMS or have their students work directly on the Classwise platform to deliver a more engaging and personalized learning experience for learners in any type of course - online, hybrid or in-person.

Auto-generate interactive

AI-powered assignments

from your course content

The AI learning guide Wise

engages learners and provides

real-time feedback and support

Educators get unprecedented

visibility into

their students' mastery progress.

Generate engaging learning activities from your content

Educators can automatically generate interactive engaging, AI-powered active learning assignments for their students from their own course material or from scratch.


Immediate, anytime feedback for students

Wise acts as a learning guide for students as they work through the assignments, providing real-time feedback and explanations to support their learning.

Insights on your class's progress

Classwise's algorithms analyze all student activity data to provide insights into engagement and mastery progress, helping instructors quickly identify learning gaps and intervene early.