The next-generation digital
classroom for the next generation.

Classwise enables instructors to easily create and deliver engaging, highly effective digital & hybrid courses which help students learn more through interactive, AI-based conversational dialog.

Classwise digital classroom platform

Built by educators for educators

Let's stop publishing passive, one-size-fits-all content and start building digital courses that work. The Classwise platform enables you to deliver personalized, interactive learning experiences for your learners, using your own course materials and assisted by AI.

Dialog-style AI

formative assessment

AI-assisted tutoring

and learning support

Instructor analytics to

identify gaps & remediate


Your course materials, assisted by AI

Classwise's virtual teaching assistant EdBot acts an extension of the instructor to answer learner questions and explain unclear concepts. All interactions are based on the instructor's materials and logged for instructor tracking

Conversational-style formative assessment

EdBot engages learners in conversation around the course material and provides real-time feedback and explanations to support student learning and identify learning gaps.


Get a personalized learning plan to upskill yourself

Actionable learner analytics

All learner interactions are logged and organized by course topic, enabling instructors to easily track class-wide and individual student progress and provide remediation.