The AI assistant for your course
that engages learners

Classwise is the easiest, safest way for educators to use AI to engage their students in learning even when not in the classroom. The AI course assistant supports students with personalized, anytime tutoring and real-time feedback through interactive conversations, quizzes and exercises, all based on your own course material.

Built by educators for educators

Classwise was built by educators who believe that AI can enable us to scale our impact by increasing learner engagement and personalizing the learning experience. Classwise's AI course assistant supports both educators and learners, and unlike general-purpose AI tools, it learns from and aligns to your own course content and gives you full oversight of all interactions.

Auto-generate & assign questions,

quizzes and interactive exercises

from your course content

Wise, the course assistant, engages

learners in interactive dialog & exercises

to assess their understanding

Learners receive personalized

study plans and instructors

get deep analytics on their learners


Your course, assisted by AI

Classwise's AI course assistant Wise learns from your course materials to generate and engage your students in conversations & active learning exercises that promote learning and assess understanding, while aligning to your course content.

Generate engaging learning activities from your content

Instructors can automatically generate discussion questions, quizzes and interactive exercises from course materials, saving significant time and enabling them to focus on supporting their students.


Immediate, anytime feedback & help for students

The AI course assistant acts as a personal tutor to engage your students in interactive dialog and active learning exercises, assessing understanding and providing real-time feedback, explanations and personalized study plans, with full oversight by you.

Insights on your class's progress

Classwise's algorithms analyze all student activity data to provide insights into engagement and mastery progress on both a class and an individual student level, helping instructors quickly identify learning gaps and intervene early.