Create engaging, interactive
learning activities in minutes.

Classwise enables educators to easily create engaging active learning activities for their students using AI. Students get immediate feedback and support from Wise, the AI learning guide, and educators get insight into student progress to quickly identify learning gaps.

Trusted by thousands of learners and educators

Classwise was build by educators who believe in the safe, responsible use of AI to help learners build knowledge and skills through active learning. Classwise's AI learning guide Wise engages students in recall practice and interactive activities, and unlike general-purpose AI tools, it aligns to your own course level and content, protects your students' privacy and gives you oversight of all interactions.

Auto-generate & assign interactive,

AI-based exercises

aligned to your course content

Wise, the AI learning guide, supports

students with personalized,

real-time feedback

Educators get insight

on student learning progress

and quickly identify isssues

Generate engaging learning activities from your content

Educators can automatically generate interactive engaging, AI-powered active learning assignments for their students from their own course material or from scratch.


Immediate, anytime feedback for students

Wise supports your students guiding them through the interactive learning activities and providing real-time feedback, all with privacy protection and oversight by the instructor.

Insights on your class's progress

Classwise's algorithms analyze all student activity data to provide insights into engagement and mastery progress, helping instructors quickly identify learning gaps and intervene early.